Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Warrior as Leader!

In his comment to our last post, Rick Lent told how indigenous cultures weave the archetypal role of the Warrior into their stories of empowerment. The characteristic of the Warrior is to "show up and choose to be present."  A necessary act of leadership, he added.

Last week we had such a 'warrior' at a meeting we facilitated. This person, the meeting sponsor, appeared calm and assured throughout the meeting, though the energy of the group was intense and opinions were flying.  During the debrief, she told me what was going on for her.  "There was so much happening inside me," she said. "At first I felt like the host of a party, wanting everyone to be happy.  Then I realized that the best I could do was let go of that feeling. I just settled in and paid attention to the experience I was having for the rest of the time. The conference was probably more of a success because I kept out of their way and trusted them to get to a good place." 

--  Sandra

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